Panhandle Health District - Roof & Exterior Building Repairs - Kellogg

Roof & Exterior Building Repairs


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Bid Date7/26/17 5:00 pm

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Kellogg, Northern ID

BC Engineers, Inc (BCE) on behalf of Panhandle Health District in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho is soliciting
sealed bids to be received at the 8500 N Atlas Road, Hayden, Idaho 83835, on the dates and times listed
below in paragraph 1.4.
1.1 General Scope of Work
In General, The project consists of Additions to and Renovations of the Kellogg, Idaho facilities
located at 114 Riverside Avenue, Kellogg, Idaho 83837. The facilities existing roof membrane,
fiber glass insulation, roof deck, and several of the roof framing members have damage and/or
decay requiring their replacement.
The existing building parapets must be re-built along two sides of the building and new parapets
must be added to the other two sides of the building. The existing Gutters along two sides of the
building must be demolished and replaced with new scuppers and downspouts. The new
downspouts must be plumbed to new below grade storm water piping which will terminate at two
new drywells.
The existing 2X dimensional joist that are rotted must be replaced. A new plywood sheathing will
overlay the repaired joist framing. New rigid insulation and a TPO roof system will be installed
with rigid insulation warps.
The exterior facade along two sides must have the existing shingles removed and replaced with
new 2X framing as needed to extend those parapets to the new height required. In addition the other
two sides will receive new parapets of similar construction. All the parapets/facades (4-sides) will
receive a new EIFS that is complementary to the existing front EIFS.
The building is a concrete masonry construction (CMU) that’s exterior has become weathered and
requires a general re-facing to re-instate its integrity and services. The CMU requires complete
restoration of the mortar joints and repair of localized CMU cracking and spalling. The entire CMU
surface will require the removal, cleaning, priming, and painting of the all exposed CMU surfaces.
The project scope includes General, Mechanical and Plumbing of the systems atop the roof, and
Civil/Site construction of new drywells.
The project will require distinct phases of construction to allow the occupants to remain within the
building during the demolition and construction. The office shall remain fully functional
throughout the course of construction.
1.2 Proposals will be opened and publicly read. Deliver Bids to Panhandle Health District as
described in the Advertisement for Bid and the Instructions To Bidders included in the Bid
1.3 Bid Documents
A. Bid documents can be examined and/or ordered at the bidder’s expense at
the following locations:
Idaho Associated General Contractors
3895 N. Schreiber Way, Suite 100 Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816
Phone: 208/772-6068
Spokane Regional Plan Center
209 North Havana Spokane, WA 99220
Phone: 509/328-9600
Inland Northwest Associated General Contractors
4935 E. Trent Avenue, Spokane, WA 99212
Phone: 509/535-3706
Associated Builders and Contractors
12310 East Mirabeau Parkway, Suite 100 Spokane Valley, WA 99216
Phone: 509/534-0826
Standard Digital Print Co.
256 W. Riverside Avenue Spokane, WA 99201
Phone: 509/624-2985
1.4 Bids Date, Award, Notice to Proceed, and Schedule
A. Bids for the Work as described within the specifications and contract documents are due no
later than Wednesday July 26, 2017 by end of business, 5:00 PM PDT.
B. Awards shall be made on or before Friday August 4, 2017.
C. Notice to proceed shall coincide with Award date announcement.
D. Schedule completion date is to be no later than September 30, 2017. Due to the nature of
the weather and the client’s needs this date may be negotiable at the time of Award.
1.5 Performance and Payment Bond
A. Successful bidders may be required to provide a Performance Bond and Payment Bond to
be one hundred percent (100%) of the contract amount conditioned upon the faithful
performance of the contract in accordance with the plans, specifications, and conditions
thereof. Reference Instructions To Bidder’s Bond Exhibit.
1.6 Bid Documents
A. Documents shall be obtained by contacting one of the above sources.
1.7 Pre-Bid Meeting
A. A pre-bid conference will be held at a date and time to be established by BCE and/or the
Owner, Panhandle Health District.
1.8 Refer to Section 01 79 10, “Item 1.6 – COMMERCIAL GENERAL LIABILITY (CGL)
INSURANCE” for insurance coverage requirements unique to this project.
1.9 License Requirements
A. A Public Works Contractors License for the State of Idaho is required to bid on this work.
1.10 Right to Accept or Reject Bids
A. The owner reserves the right to reject any and all bids and/or alternates and the right to
waive any informalities in any bid. All bids must be made on the form furnished and
must be signed by the bidder with his name and legal address to be responsive.
1.11 Withdrawal of Proposals
A. No bids may be withdrawn after the bid time for 45 days.
1.12 Unit Pricing Bid Form shall be included with contractor furnished pricing as noted.