Eastern State Hospital Restroom Modifications

Restroom Modifications


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date6/20/18 2:00 pm

Bid Date6/28/18 3:00 pm

Company & Contacts

De Neff, Deebl, Barton Associates

De Neff Deeble Barton Associates   509-327-1538


Eastern State Hospital

Sealed bids will be accepted for the following project:
PROJECT NO.: 2018-416 G (1-1)
TITLE: ESH – AT Building Restroom Modifications
AGENCY: E&AS for Department of Social and Health Services
ESTIMATED BASE BID COST RANGE: $705,000.00 to $750,000.00
SUBMITTAL TIME/DATE/LOCATION: Prior to 3:00 P.M., Thursday June 28, 2018
Mail to: Associated General Contractors
Hand deliver to: Associated General Contractors
Small Conference Room
Public Bid Opening will commence at
approximately 3:05 P.M. at the same location.
BY: Department of Enterprise Services
Engineering & Architectural Services
MANDATORY PRE-BID WALK-THROUGH: 2:00 PM Wednesday June 20, 2018. For directions to
the site of the pre-bid walk-through, please contact the
Consultant listed below.
Contractors may obtain plans and specifications from Standard Printworks, 256 W. Riverside,
Spokane, WA 99201, telephone 509-624-2985 fax 509-747-6808 upon the deposit of $150.00. Please
make checks payable to De NeffDeeble Barton Associates. Plans must be returned in good condition
within seven (7) days following bid date to obtain a refund of deposit. After seven days no refunds
will be made. NOTE: Bidders are encouraged to “Register as a Bidder” with Standartd Printworks in
order to receive email notification of Addenda and to be placed on the Bidders list.
Plans and specifications may be viewed at the following plan centers: Abadan Reprographics &
Imaging, Spokane, WA; Associated Builders & Contractors, Spokane, WA; Associated General
Contractors, Boise, ID; Builder’s Exchange of Washington, Everett, WA; Daily Journal of Commerce
Plan Center, Portland, OR; Daily Journal of Commerce, Seattle, WA; Hermiston Plan Center,
Hermiston, OR; Contractor Plan Center, Milwaukie, OR; Ridgeline Graphics (Wenatchee Plan
Center), Wenatchee, WA; Spokane Regional Plan Center, Spokane, WA; Tri-City Construction
Council, Kennewick, WA; Walla Walla Valley Plan Center, Walla Walla, WA; Weekly Construction
Reporter, Bellingham, WA; Yakima Plan Center, Yakima, WA.
Please direct questions regarding this project to the office of the Consultant. De Neff Deeble Barton
Associates, 2303 W. Northwest Boulevard, Spokane, WA 99205, phone 509-327-1538, fax 509-327-1539.
Within 24 hours following the bid opening, results will be available on E&A Services’ web site at
https: //fortress. wa. gov I gal apps/EASbids/BidResult. aspx.
The State of Washington prevailing wage rates are applicable for this public works project located in
Spokane County. Bidders are responsible to verify and use the most recent prevailing wage rates. The
“Effective Date” for this project is the Bid Form due date above. The applicable prevailing wage rates
may be found on the Department of Labor & Industries website located at
https ://fortress. wa. gov /lni/wagelookup/prv W agelookup.aspx.
Supplemental Bidder Responsibility will be evaluated for this project. In determining Bidder
responsibility, the Owner shall consider an overall accounting of the criteria set forth in “DIVISION 00
SUPPLEMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY CRITERIA”. Please direct questions regarding this subject to
the office of the Consultant.
The successful Bidder is required to register and create an account in the DES Diversity Compliance
program (B2Gnow) at https://des.diversitycompliance.com. Voluntary numerical Diverse Business
goals of 10% MBE, 6% WBE, 5% Washington Small Business, and 5% Veterans have been
established for this project. Achievement of the goals is encouraged.
Bidders may contact the Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprise (OMWBE) at
http://OMWBE.wa.gov/ to obtain information on certified firms. Bidders may also utilize Washington
Small Businesses registered in WEBS at https://fortress.wa.gov/ga/webs/ and Veteran-owned
Businesses at http://www.dva.wa.gov/program/certified-veteran-and-servicemember-ownedbusinesses.
The State reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids and to waive informalities.