Kootenai Health

Heart Center Expansion WP-2


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date8/24/21 1:00pm

Bid Date8/26/21 1:00pm

Company & Contacts

Bouten Construction

Seth Wilde   509-535-3531


Coeur D' Alene, ID

Bouten Construction Company (CM/GC) on behalf of Kootenai Hospital District in Coeur d’ Alene
Idaho is soliciting sealed bids to be received at the Kootenai Health, 2003 Kootenai Health Way,
Coeur d’ Alene Idaho on the dates and times listed below in paragraph 1.4.
1.2 General Scope of Work

The project will consist of three addition areas as well as significant renovation to the second floor
Heart Center, KOS, and Surgery areas.

West Addition: A three-story structure approximately 21,000 SF. The first floor will be an
unfinished shelled space. The limited built-out spaces on the first floor include an extension of the
exit corridor and electrical & mechanical spaces. The second floor will house the expansion spaces
needed for the Heart Center, including patient holding rooms, non-invasive cardiology, and staff
support. The third floor will be a shelled space and will include a mechanical room. The
infrastructure supporting the first and third floor shelled spaces is planned to accommodate the
potential first floor ED or Imaging expansion space and third floor clinic spaces.

South (KOS) Addition: A 4,000 SF second floor addition on top of the existing Emergency
Department will be constructed to allow expansion of the existing Kootenai Outpatient Surgery
(KOS). This expanded space for KOS is required to free-up space for the Heart Center renovation.
The KOS addition will include a rooftop air handling unit in a mechanical penthouse.

OR Addition: A 2,500 SF ± second floor addition on top of the existing Kitchen area will be
constructed to house two operating rooms and storage space.

Heart Center Renovations: Approximately 2,750 SF of the existing Heart Center will be renovated,
in combination with the West Addition area, to expand the patient holding rooms and associated
staff support spaces. Approximately 2,900 SF of the vacated KOS area will have extensive
renovations to house a new EP Cath Lab and a “Super Cath Lab”.

Surgery Recovery Renovations: A pod of four Surgery Pre-Post patient spaces will be built-out in
605 SF of shelled space in the existing Surgery area. An additional 1,200 SF of shelled space will
be built-out as an extended-stay recovery area, housing 5 patient stations and associated support
The work for this overall project will be issued in the following work packs:
WP-0 – Recovery
WP-1 – Steel
WP-2 – Site and Foundation
WP-3 – Building Envelope
WP-4 – Interior Build-out.
1.3 Bouten Construction Company (Bouten) is the Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC)
for the project. Refer to Bouten’s instructions to bidders for additional bidding requirements and
information and a complete list of all Bid Packages.
1.4Proposals will be opened and publicly read. Deliver Bids to the Bouten Construction Company as
described in the Advertisement for Bid and the Instructions To Bidders included in the Bouten
Construction Company Bid Packages