Public Jobs

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6/29/20 3:00 pm
White Buffalo Meadows Phase 3 Infrastructure Project
Womer & Associates
Nespelem, Washington
Project consists of a completing the infrastructure of Sage Brush and Powers Road which includes HMA, concrete sidewalks, water, sewer, power, communications, lighting, temporary erosion control, etc.
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6/3/20 2:00 pm
Womer & Associates
Construction of Bosie Haul Road includes, but not limited to, full depth reclamation of existing roadway, new HMA over FDR base, storm drainage, erosion control, striping,and HMA Pathway.
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6/16/20 3:00 pm
Monroe-Regal Phase 2
Spokane Transit Authority
The project consists of bus stop improvements along the Monroe-Regal corridor. These improvements will include traffic control, demolition, civil and electrical construction in preparation for new station and shelter amenities.
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6/8/20 2:00 pm
Hubert/Brunton & Lookout Housing Road Improvements
Womer & Associates
Hubert-Brunton & Lookout Housing Road
Hubert/Brunton & Lookout Housing Road Improvements will consist of improving the existing roadway by Full Depth Reclamation and a double chip seal overaly, striping, traffic control, etc.
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5/28/20 2:00 pm
Spokane Conservation District - Phase 1 Office Building
Integrus Architecture
4418 East 8th Avenue, Spokane Valley, WA.
The project is a 12,436 square foot single story office building. Primarily wood framed with structural steel components. Siding materials are a mix of cor-ten and barnwood siding. Roofing is TPO. Interiors include finished office space and open to structure public spaces. Site work includes parking. landscaping and driveway paving.
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5/22/20 2:00 pm
Welpinit Spokofuel Improvements
Womer & Associates
Welpinit Spokofuel
Wellpinit Spokofuel Improvements will consist of improving the site consisting of, but not limited to grading, paving, storm drain installation.
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5/7/20 3:00 pm
Plaza HPT Platforms – Phase 2
Spokane Transit Authority
STA Plaza – 701 W. Riverside Ave in Spokane, WA
This locally funded public works project consists of re-constructing the curb and sidewalk along Zones 4 and 5 of the STA Plaza on Riverside Avenue and Wall Street.
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4/13/20 2:00 pm
San Poil Boat Launch
Womer & Associates
State Route 21, Keller, WA 99140
The Tribe is constructing a boat launch with associated road access, asphalt pavement, boat parking, drainage improvements, and site lighting.
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2/28/20 3:00 pm
Pine Street and Highway 41
McCanna Engineering LLC
The City of Newport Pine Street and Highway 41.
The project includes construction of approximately 1,000 linear feet of sidewalk, curb and gutter.
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3/5/20 3:00 pm
STA Fencing & Gating
Spokane Transit Authority
1224 N. Cedar Street in Spokane, WA and 123 S. Bowdish Road in Spokane Valley, WA.
This locally funded public works project consists of installing property line fencing