Remodel and Addition Wellpinit Longhouse



Bidding Closed

Prebid Date11/16/23 12:00pm

Bid Date11/30/23 10:00am

Company & Contacts

womer & associates
Dan Whittaker  


Wellpinit, WA


A. Notice to Bidders: Qualified bidders may submit bids for project as described in this Document. Submit

bids according to the Instructions to Bidders.


1. Project Location: 6405 Sherwood Loop Road, Wellpinit, WA 99040

C. Owner: Spokane Tribe of Indians

1. James Best

2. Phone: 509-458-6561

3. PO Box 100, Wellpinit, WA 99040

4. Email:


1. Architect’s Representative: Dan Whittaker

2. Address: 165 South Howard Street, Spokane, WA 99201

3. Phone: (509)534-4884

4. E-mail:

E. Project Summary:

1. Project Description: This is an existing, single story building with 4,499 SF and an addition of

193 SF for a total building area of 4,692 SF. The addition area is to include new restrooms,

shower area, hall, and janitor closet. Limited finishes throughout the building will be painting

and flooring. New replacement doors windows are included. Building is to be completed with

structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and minimal site work.

2. There is an Alternate Bid required:

a. Alternate 1: Kitchen Room 108 finishes.

F. Minority, Women and Native American sub-contractors and support personnel and highly encouraged

to participate in this project.

G. Construction Contract: Bids will be received for the following Work:

1. General Contract (all trades).



Hiring Tribal members for construction is highly encouraged, but not required.


I. Owner will receive sealed lump sum bids until the bid time and date at the location given below. Owner

will consider bids prepared in compliance with the Instructions to Bidders issued by Owner, and

delivered as follows:

1. Bid Date: November 30, 2023.

2. Bid Time: 10:00 a.m., Local Time.

3. On the face of the Bid envelope note the following:

a. Spokane Tribe of Indians

b. Bid For: Wellpinit Long House Remodel

c. Bid Date: November 30, 2023.

d. Bid Time: 10:00 a.m., Local Time

4. Bid Location: Spokane Tribal Administration Building – HR Conference Room. 6195 Ford Wellpinit Road, Wellpinit, WA 99040

J. Bids thereafter be publicly opened and read aloud.



A. Bid security shall be submitted with each bid in the amount of 5 percent of the bid amount. As an

option to a bid bond with a State Licensed Surety, certified check, or a cashier’s check is acceptable

and made payable to Spokane Tribe of Indians. This surety shall be forfeited in the event of failure by

the successful bidder to sign a contract or to furnish the necessary one hundred percent, (100%),

Performance Bond.

B. No bids may be withdrawn for a period of 60 days after opening of bids. Owner reserves the right to

reject any and all bids and to waive informalities and irregularities.



A. The owner intends to make available any and all opportunities for employment and training for

Spokane Tribal Members, their immediate families, and all other Native Americans. Therefore,

the Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance (TERO) is in effect for this project. A TERO Compliance

plan will be required. Other requirements include but are not limited to:

1. Native American preference in employment.

2. Native American preference in contracting.

3. 5% TERO Administration Fee on projects.

4. TERO Administration Fee shall also extend to all Change Orders.

5. TERO Fee will be paid at each monthly construction payment draw.


A. Procurement and Contracting Documents: Contract Documents will be issued by the Owner. General

Contractors, Sub-Contractors and suppliers may contact the plan centers for drawings and

specifications and purchase these documents at their own expense.

B. Viewing Procurement and Contracting Documents: Examine after November 8, 2023 at the locations


1. Spokane Tribe of Indians

6195 Ford Wellpinit Road,

Wellpinit, WA 99040


C. Fees to be applied to project bid documents (plans, specifications, addenda, and Bidders List) is

provided to Prime Bidders, Subcontractors, and Vendors by going to Standard Printworks Plan Room

and clicking on "Posted Projects", "Facilities and Transportation", and "SPOKANE TRIBE OF

INDIANS". This online plan room provides Bidders with fully usable online documents with the ability

to: download, view, print, order full/partial plan sets from numerous reprographic source. It is

recommended that Bidders “Register” in order to receive automatic e-mail notification of future

addenda and to place themselves on the “Self-Registered Bidders List". Bidders that do not register

will not be automatically notified of addenda and will need to periodically check the on-line plan room for addenda issued on this project.. Access to project documents is intended for use by bidders

(general contractors/prime bidders, subcontractors and suppliers), agency personnel and agency’s

consultants, as well as for personal, noncommercial, use by the public. You may display or print the

content available for these uses only. "Harvesting" (downloading, copying, and transmitting) of any

project information and/or project documents for purposes of reselling and/or redistributing information

by any other party is not allowed by Spokane Tribe of Indians.



A. Successful bidder shall begin the Work on receipt of the Notice to Proceed and shall complete the

Work within the Contract Time.

B. The Substantial Completion date October 31, 2024.

C. Liquated Damages: Liquated damages will be assessed at a rate of $500.00 per calendar day if the

project exceeds the Substantial Completion date.



A. Bidders must be properly licensed under the laws governing their respective trades and be able to

obtain insurance and bonds required for the Work. A Performance Bond, separate Labor and Material

Payment Bond, and Insurance in a form acceptable to Owner will be required of the successful Bidder.



A. All questions regarding the Contract Documents are to be directed to Dan Whittaker, at the office of

the Architect, Womer & Associates. 509.534.4884. Email: The Owner will not

answer any questions.



A. A Pre-Bid Conference will be held on November 16, 2023, at 12:00 PM., at the Longhouse, located at

6405 Sherwood Loop Road, Wellpinit, WA 99040. General Contractors and major Sub-Contractors

are highly encouraged to attend.


A. The Advertisement for Bids, Plan Holder List, all Addenda, and Bid Tabulation will not be posted and

are not required to be disclosed. Bids will be opened publicly as noted under section ‘Bid Submittal

and Opening’ at the conclusion of the bidding process.