U of I / DPW Project #21268: Campus Drive Improvements

Campus Drive Improvements


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date1/23/24 2:00pm

Bid Date2/6/24 2:00pm

Company & Contacts

bernardo wills


Moscow, ID


Sealed proposals will be received by Division of Public Works, Facility Services Building, Attention: Ken

Cook, 875 Perimeter Drive MS 2281, Moscow, Idaho 83843-2281 until 2:00pm, local time, on Tuesday,

February 6, 2024, for DPW Project No. 21268 – Campus Drive Repairs, Ph 2 – University of Idaho, Moscow Idaho.

A description of the work of this project can be summarized to include: Replacement, renovation, and improvements to the second phase of Campus Drive access road from the South extent of Phase I scope of work to the intersection of Blake Avenue to the Southeast. This shall include new roadway paving and profile, minor general site grading and improved storm drainage collection, concrete retaining wall, new concrete sidewalks and accent concrete pavers, relocated pedestrian lighting, planting and irrigation adjustments and improvements, University of Idaho standard banner structures, ‘Joe Vandal’ lighted brick crosswalk pilasters, and gothic rail along retaining wall.

Proposals will be opened and publicly read at the above hour and date.

Plans, specifications, proposal forms and other information are on file for examination at the following locations:

• Division of Public Works, 502 N. 4th St., Boise, ID, 83702 (208) 332-1900

• University of Idaho Architectural and Engineering Services, 875 Perimeter Dr., Moscow, Idaho

(208) 885-6246, www.uidaho.edu/facilities

• Associated General Contractors, 1649 W Shoreline Dr., Ste. 100, Boise, ID 83702 (208) 3442531 https://www.idahoagc.org/plan-room

• Blueprint Specialties, 6205 W. Overland Rd., Boise, ID 83709 (208) 377-0294 www.docuproject.com

• Abadan Spokane, 603 E. Second Ave, Spokane, WA 99202 (509) 747-2964 www.abadanplanroom.com

• Keller Associates Inc., 733 5th St Suite A, Clarkston, WA 99403 (509) 295-6095

A pre-bid conference will be held at A&E Services Building, University of Idaho, 875 Perimeter Dr., Moscow, Idaho 83843 on Tuesday, January 23, 2024 starting at 2:00pm. Bidders are encouraged to attend.

One set of documents may be obtained by licensed general contractors and by licensed mechanical and electrical subcontractors from Keller Associates Inc., 733 5th St Suite A, Clarkston, WA 99403 for a refundable deposit of $250.00. Others may obtain documents at cost, non-refundable.

A bid bond in the amount of 5% of the total bid amount, including any add alternates, is required.

A Public Works Contractors License for the State of Idaho is required to bid on this work.

Estimated Cost: $1,150,000.00

Barry J. Miller, Deputy Administrator Division of Public Works




DEFINITIONS: Capitalized terms used in these Instructions to Bidders (“Instructions”) shall have the meaning given to them in the Division of Public Works’ Fixed Price Construction Contract Between Owner and Contractor.

HEADINGS: Headings used in these Instructions are for convenience only.

REJECTION OF BIDS, WAIVER OF INFORMALITIES OR CANCELLATION: Prior to the effective date of a contract, the Administrator of the Division of Public Works shall have the right to accept or reject all bids, to waive any minor deviations/informalities or to cancel the bid.

ORAL INFORMATION: Questions concerning a bid must be directed in writing to the designated Design Professional (architect or engineer) no less than ten (10) calendar days before bids are due unless provided otherwise via an addendum. Oral information is not binding and any reliance by a bidder on any oral information or representation is at the bidder’s sole risk. Any information given a prospective bidder in response to a written question will be provided to all prospective bidders by an addendum, if such information is necessary for purposes of submitting a bid or if failure to give such information would be prejudicial to uninformed bidders.

PUBLIC RECORDS: The Idaho Public Records Law, Title 74, Chapter 1, Idaho Code, allows the open inspection and copying of public records. Public records include any writing containing information relating to the conduct or administration of the public's business prepared, owned, used or retained by a State or local agency regardless of the physical form or character. Unless exempted by the Public Records Law, your bid will be a public record subject to disclosure under the Public Records Law. Any questions regarding the applicability of the Public Records Law should be addressed to your legal counsel prior to submission.

FORM OF AGREEMENT: Unless otherwise specified in the bid documents, the agreement between the successful bidder and the Owner (“State of Idaho”) shall be the Division of Public Works’ Fixed Price Construction Contract Between Owner and Contractor.

PERFORMANCE AND PAYMENT BONDS: A performance bond and payment bond are required for this Project, each in an amount of not less than one hundred percent (100%) of the Contract Price. The performance and payment bonds shall be AIA Document A312, 1984 or the most recent Edition, or a standard surety form certified approved to be the same as the AIA A312 form and shall be executed by a surety or sureties reasonably acceptable to the Owner and authorized to do business in the State of Idaho. Bonds must be provided within ten (10) calendar days following receipt of a Notice of Intent to Award.


BID DOCUMENTS: The bid documents are available as provided in the Invitation to Bid or advertisement for bids. The responsibility is on the bidder to use a complete set of bid documents to prepare its bid and neither the Owner nor the Design Professional shall incur any liability for the bidder’s failure to do so. Bidders obtain no ownership interest or any use rights, except to use in preparation of their bid, by issuance of the bid documents.

Bidders and Sub-bidders shall field verify all dimensions pertaining to the Work and shall be responsible for the determination of all quantities of materials required for the completion of the Work. The bidder shall not rely on the scale drawings of the Bidding Documents in his determination of required materials quantities. No allowance shall be made for Bidder’s failure to field-verify dimensions.

If a deposit is required, the deposit will be returned to a bidder returning the complete bid documents in good condition no more than twenty (20) days after a Notice of Intent is issued and the amount of any deposit returned may be reduced if the bid documents returned are not complete or are damaged. A bidder awarded a Contract may also keep the bid documents and any deposit will be returned.

ADDENDA: In the event it becomes necessary to revise any part of the bid documents, addenda will be issued. Information given to one bidder will be available to all other bidders if such information is necessary for purposes of submitting a bid or if failure to give such information would be prejudicial to uninformed bidders. It is the bidder’s responsibility to check for addenda prior to submitting a bid. A bidder is required to acknowledge receipt of all addenda by identifying the addenda numbers in the space provided on the bid proposal form. Failure to do so may result in the bid being declared nonresponsive. No addenda will be issued less than four (4) calendar days before the closing date unless the bid closing date is extended.

REVIEW: It is the bidder’s responsibility to review the bid documents and compare them as needed, including with regard to any other work that is or may be under construction that might affect the bidder or its work, to examine the site and local conditions and to report, in writing, any questions, errors, inconsistencies or ambiguities to the Design Professional.

PRODUCTS SPECIFIED AND PROPOSED SUBSTITUTIONS: Materials, products or equipment, if specified by name or manufacturer, establish the standard of quality required and that must be met by any proposed substitution. Requests for substitutions must be made in writing to the Design Professional no less than ten (10) calendar days prior to the bid closing unless provided otherwise via an addendum. Such requests must provide detailed information to allow the Design Professional to determine if the proposed substitution is acceptable, including drawings or performance or test data and a detailed statement of how the substitution would change any other part of the Work. It is the bidder’s obligation to satisfy this requirement and the Design Professional’s decision shall be final. To be allowed, substitutions must be approved in an addendum to the bid documents.

BID FORM: Bids must be submitted on the bid proposal forms, or copies of forms, furnished by the Owner or the design professional. Bids submitted must contain all original signatures in ink on the following forms:

Bid Proposal Form

Contractor’s Affidavit Concerning Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace

Bidder’s Acknowledgment Statement

Bid Bond (bid security)

The person signing the Bid Proposal Form must initial any and all changes appearing on any of the bid forms. If the bidder is a corporation or other legal entity, the bid forms must be signed by an authorized designee. Oral, telephonic, telegraphic, facsimile or other electronically transmitted bid forms and/or signatures will not be considered.

BID PRICES: The bid form may require bidders to submit bid prices for one (1) or more items on various bases, including lump sum base bid, lump sum bid alternate prices, unit prices or any combination thereof. Bid amounts shall be expressed in words and numbers. The amount in words shall prevail if there is a discrepancy.

ALTERNATES: If the solicitation includes alternate bid items or unit prices, failure to bid on the alternates or unit prices may disqualify the bid. If bidding on an alternate does not change the base bid, indicate by “No Change.” If bidding on all items is not required by the Contract Documents, bidders must affirmatively indicate that they are not bidding on those items.

TIME FOR SUBMISSION: Bids must be submitted on or before the time specified in the advertisement for bids. Any bid submitted late will be rejected.

SEALED ENVELOPE: Bids shall be submitted in a sealed envelope with the following clearly printed on the outside of the envelope: the Project number and Project name; the name and address of the bidder; and a statement, such as “BID ENCLOSED” to indicate that it is a bid.

MAILED BIDS: When bids are mailed or shipped, the sealed envelope containing the bid shall be enclosed in a separate mailing envelope with the notation “SEALED BID ENCLOSED” on the face thereof. If mailed, the mailing envelope shall be addressed as follows:

Division of Public Works

Attn: Ken Cook

Facility Services Building

875 Perimeter Drive MS 2281

Moscow, Idaho 83843-2281

It is the bidder’s responsibility to ensure that its bid is delivered to the place designated for receipt on or before the specified closing time. The Owner assumes no responsibility for delays in the delivery of mail by the U.S. Post Office or private couriers. Bidders should be advised the intra-state mail system may increase delivery time from arrival at Central Postal to the place designated for receipt and should plan accordingly. LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE REJECTED, WILL NOT BE OPENED AND WILL BE RETURNED TO THE BIDDER. NO DEVIATIONS WILL BE ALLOWED.

BID CLOSING DECLARED: Immediately prior to the bid opening, the Owner’s representative will declare the official bid closing. Any part of a bid not received prior to the bid closing declared by the designated representative will not be considered and will be returned to the bidder unopened. All bids shall be taken under advisement.

DRUG-FREE WORKPLACE: Along with its bid, the bidder shall submit an affidavit certifying compliance with Title 72, Chapter 17, Idaho Code, requiring the Contractor and its subcontractors at the time of bid to provide a drug-free workplace program and to maintain such program throughout the duration of the Contract. The form of affidavit is attached.

ILLEGAL ALIENS: Bidder shall warrant that the bidder does not knowingly hire or engage any illegal aliens or persons not authorized to work in the United States; bidder shall take steps to verify that it does not hire or engage any illegal aliens or persons not authorized to work in the United States; and that any misrepresentation in this regard or any employment of persons not authorized to work in the United States constitutes a material breach and shall be cause for the imposition of monetary penalties and/or termination of any Contract resulting from this bid.

LEGAL RESIDENCY REQUIREMENT: By submitting a bid, the bidder attests, under penalty of perjury, that he (the bidder) is a United States citizen or legal permanent resident or that it is otherwise lawfully present in the United States pursuant to federal law. Prior to being issued a contract, the bidder will be required to submit proof of lawful presence in the United States in accordance with §67-7903, Idaho Code.

BIDDER’S ACKNOWLEDGEMENT STATEMENT: The attached Bidder’s Acknowledgement Statement must be completed and included or the bid may be found non-responsive.

PUBLIC WORKS CONTRACTOR’S LICENSE: This Project is not financed in whole or in part by federal funds. Bids will be accepted from those Contractors only (prime contractors, subcontractors and/or specialty contractors) who, prior to the bid opening, hold current licenses as public works contractors in the State of Idaho.

IDAHO LABOR REQUIREMENTS: This Project is subject to the provisions of Sections 44-1001 and 44-1002, Idaho Code, dealing with labor preference.

IDAHO PREFERENCE LAW: Section 67-2348, Idaho Code, requires the Division of Public Works to apply a preference in determining which Contractor submitted the lowest responsible bid. If the Contractor who submitted the lowest dollar bid is domiciled in a state with a preference law that penalizes Idaho domiciled contractors, the Division of Public Works must apply the preference law (percentage amount) of that domiciliary state to that Contractor’s bid.

NAMING OF SUBCONTRACTORS: Section 67-2310, Idaho Code, requires general (prime) Contractors to include in their bid the name of the subcontractors who shall, in the event the Contractor secures the Contract, subcontract the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical work under the general (prime) Contract. Failure to name subcontractors as required by this section shall render any bid submitted by a general (prime) Contractor nonresponsive and void. Subcontractors named in accordance with the provisions of this section must possess an appropriate license or certificate of competency issued by the State of Idaho covering the Contractor work classification in which the subcontractor is named.

The Division of Public Works interprets Section 67-2310, Idaho Code, to mean three (3) separate areas of work: plumbing work, HVAC, and electrical work. The Division of Public Works also requires that the general (prime) Contractor name the entity that will perform the Work, including if the entity is a subcontractor, a sub-subcontractor or the general (prime) Contractor submitting the bid. Failure to complete the Bid Proposal in full shall render a bid nonresponsive and void.

With regard to possessing an appropriate license or certificate of competency, all subcontractors listed by the general (prime) Contractor must have at the time of the bid opening a current license in the appropriate category (class, type and specialty category) as issued by the Public Works Contractors State License Board. In addition, plumbing, HVAC and electrical subcontractors shall have at the time of the bid opening a valid plumbing contractor’s license, HVAC contractor’s license or electrical contractor’s license, respectively, as issued by the Idaho Division of Building Safety.

In determining if the above listed subcontractors are required on the Project, the Division of Public Works will refer to the plans and specifications. If doubt exists prior to bid closing, potential bidders should contact the Division of Public Works and the Design Professional who prepared the plans and specifications will be requested to make the determination. If plumbing, HVAC or electrical work are not shown on the plans and specifications but are discovered by the bidder prior to the date of bid opening, then the bidder must request clarification from the Design Professional. Absent such clarification, Work will be considered incidental and naming of a subcontractor will not be required.


AMOUNT AND FORM OF SECURITY: To be considered, bids must be accompanied by an acceptable bid security in an amount not less than five percent (5%) of the total amount of the bid, including additive alternates. The security may be in the form of a bond or a certified or cashier's check. A standard surety bid bond form meeting all the conditions of AIA Document A310 is acceptable and, if used, must include a certified and current copy of the power of attorney if the bond is executed by the attorney-in-fact on behalf of the surety.

FORFEITURE: A successful bidder who fails to sign the Contract for the Work or furnish the required bonds within ten (10) calendar days following the receipt of notice of intent to award a Contract is subject to forfeiture in accordance with Section 54-1904E, Idaho Code.

RETENTION OF SECURITY: Bid security shall be retained for no more than forty-five (45) calendar days after the opening of bids, so long as the bidder has not been notified of the acceptance of the bid.


PRIOR TO BID CLOSING: If a bid has been submitted, it may be withdrawn in person by a bidder’s authorized representative before the opening of the bids. A bidder’s representative will be required to show identification and sign on a bid summary sheet before it will be released. After bid closing, no bid may be withdrawn except in strict accordance with these Instructions or applicable law.




CONDITIONS FOR RELIEF: Relief from bids is subject to Sections 54-1904B through 54-1904E, Idaho Code. In the event a bidder discovers a mistake in its bid following the bid opening and wishes to withdraw its bid, the bidder shall establish to the satisfaction of the Owner, pursuant to Section 541904C, Idaho Code, that a clerical or mathematical mistake was made; the bidder gave the public entity (Owner) written notice within five (5) calendar days after the opening of the bid of the mistake, specifying in the notice in detail how the mistake occurred; and the mistake was material.


If the Owner determines that the bidder has satisfied the requirements of Section 54-1904C, Idaho Code, to entitle it to relief from a bid because of a mistake, it shall prepare a report in writing to document the facts establishing the existence of each required element. The report shall be available for inspection as a public record and shall be filed with the public entity soliciting bids. A bidder claiming a mistake and satisfying all the required conditions of Section 54-1904C, Idaho Code, shall be entitled to relief from the bid and have any bid security returned by the Owner. Bidders not satisfying the conditions of Section 54-1904C, Idaho Code shall be subject to forfeiture in accordance with Section 54-1904B, Idaho Code. A bidder who claims a mistake or who forfeits its bid security shall be prohibited from participating in any re-bidding of that project on which the mistake was claimed or security forfeited and the Owner may award the Contract to the next lowest responsive and responsible bidder.


REPRESENTATIONS UPON SUBMITTING A BID: By submitting its bid, a bidder represents and

warrants the following:

1. The person signing the bid is authorized to bind the bidder;

2. It has all required licenses, permits or other authorizations necessary to submit its bid;

3. It has taken steps necessary to ascertain the nature and location of the Work and has investigated and satisfied itself as to the general and local conditions which can affect the Work or its cost, including but not limited to: (i) conditions bearing upon transportation, disposal, handling and storage of materials; (ii) the availability of labor, water, natural gas, electric power and roads; (iii) uncertainties of weather, river stages or similar physical conditions at the site; (iv) the conformation and conditions of the ground; and (v) the character of equipment and facilities needed preliminary to and during the Work;

4. It has satisfied itself as to character, quality and quantity of surface and subsurface materials or obstacles to be encountered insofar as this information is reasonably ascertainable from an inspection of the site, including exploratory work done by the Owner as well as from the drawings and specifications provided as part of the bid package, and that any failure of the bidder to take such actions will not relieve the bidder from responsibility for estimating properly the difficulty and cost of successfully performing the Work;

5. It has received, read and reviewed the Contract, has submitted any questions in writing regarding the same and has received an answer to such questions;

6. Its bid is based upon the requirements of the Contract without exception;

7. It is in compliance with Title 72, Chapter 17, Idaho Code, regarding a drug-free workplace and has included the required affidavit regarding the same;

8. Its bid is in compliance with employment of persons authorized to work in the United States;

9. It will retain bid security and hold and honor all base bid prices for forty-five (45) calendar days from the date of bid opening, and cannot be withdrawn after the bid opening;

10. Its bid prices shown for each item on the bid proposal form include all labor, material, equipment, overhead and compensation to complete all of the Work for that item; and

11. It has included in its bid amount Idaho sales and/or use taxes on all materials and equipment and all other taxes imposed by law.


AWARD METHOD: Public works construction contracts for the State of Idaho are awarded to the "lowest responsible and responsive bidder." The low bidder, for purposes of award, shall be the responsible and responsive bidder offering the low aggregate amount for the base bid item, plus any additive or deductive bid alternates selected by the Owner, and within funds available as determined by the Owner. Award is also subject to the requirements of Idaho Code, including without limitation: Title 67, Chapter 57; Title 67, Chapter 23; Title 54, Chapter 19; and Title 44, Chapter 10. It is the bidder's responsibility to conform to ALL applicable federal, state and local statutes or other applicable legal requirements. The information provided herein is intended to assist bidders in meeting applicable requirements but is not exhaustive and the Owner will not be responsible for any failure by any bidder to meet applicable requirements.

DETERMINATION OF RESPONSIBILITY: The Owner reserves the right to make reasonable inquiry about or from the submitting bidder or from third parties to determine the responsibility of a submitting bidder. Such inquiry may include, but not be limited to, inquiry regarding experience and expertise related to the Project, manpower and other resources, financial stability, credit ratings, references, potential subcontractors and past performance. The unreasonable failure of a submitting bidder to promptly supply any requested information may result in a finding of non-responsibility.

NOTICE OF EFFECTIVENESS: No Contract is effective until the authorized Owner’s official has signed the Contract and the Notice to Proceed has been issued. The bidder shall not provide any goods or render services until the Contract has been signed by the Administrator of the Division of Public Works and the Contract has become effective. Furthermore, the Owner is in no way responsible for reimbursing the bidder for goods provided or services rendered prior to the signature of the authorized Division of Public Work’s official and the arrival of the Notice to Proceed.

INCURRING COSTS: The Owner is not liable for any cost incurred by bidders prior to the Notice to Proceed.

PRIOR ACCEPTANCE OF DEFECTIVE BIDS OR PROPOSALS: The Owner generally will not completely review or analyze bids that appear to fail to comply with the requirements of the bid documents, nor will the Owner generally investigate the references or qualifications of those who submit such bids. Therefore, any acknowledgment that the selection is complete shall not operate as a representation by the Owner that an unsuccessful bid was responsive, complete, sufficient or lawful in any respect.

POST-AWARD SUBMITTALS: Upon receipt of a Notice of Intent to Award, the apparent low responsive and responsible bidder shall provide documentation required in such Notice. Such Notice of Intent to Award shall generally require the bidder to return to the Owner, within ten (10) days of receipt, a signed Contract, all required bonds, proof of insurance and documentation required by the Idaho State Tax Commission (report and affidavit).

OWNER’S RIGHT TO REJECT: Prior to execution of the Contract, the Owner or Design Professional shall provide written notice of any reasonable objection to any person or entity proposed by the bidder. Upon receipt of such notice, the bidder may withdraw its bid, without forfeiture, or propose a substitute and identify any change in any bid amount caused by such substitution. The Owner may accept or reject the substitution or the adjusted price. If the Owner rejects the substitution or the adjusted price, it will return the bidder’s bid guarantee.